David’s star

Gift: a part of the income will be given to poors christians work and people in misery.


Personality: might –humility


  • – The lower triangle describes the hierarchic system
  • – The hierarchy exist in all organizations on earth, example the army
  • – One comes to think on something dominating hierarchy and power there money also comes in question


The upper triangle describes the inverted hierarchy as it describes in Christianity

“Who is the least and serve others is the greatest in God’ Kingdom”


In us men there are the both sides, we serve others as we have learned and on other side we have to manage (direct) other men. The problem can be that one part of us dominates and there is lack of balance in us.


If the triangles places on each other can we see a balanced (harmonious) picture, you see “David’s star” which can describe a balanced personality. We are willing to serve other but at same time can God’s plan work in us, that we can practice after best ability in different situations among other people, in family, church, workplace or only to check our person.


If we look on the star so seems the most dynamic part be in the centre. But if we have to reach this point we have to approach its lowest corner through God’s grace. Jesus was the lowest and most humble but was lifted to the highest. It’s important to know who is the lowest and the highest.


If we self are on the top corner we maybe dominate (direct) other people too much, or we believe that our knowledge is complete. The lowest corner is always safer, we come on God’s Kingdom with humble, and there reign peace, love and unity.


In that way can we get knowledge from God and even be creative. There prevail however order as well on earth as in heaven. We have to know our place in the two hierarchies. We can find this place best through study bible about the message of Christ and his personality.






The sermon on the Month the last judgment


Mat 5: 3-10 Mat 25:31-34

John 3:16


Who is the greatest Pilatus power-the power of the authorities?


Luk 9: 48 John 19: 11

Mat 18: 1-4


Jesus wash the feet’s of the disciples the future by the men of peace


John 13:13-17 Ps 37:37


That who humble one shall be raised


Luke 14:11


The light burden


Mat 11: 28-30


Strictness accusation against the Pharisees


Luke 11:39-43

John 2:15-16


The scribe who become disciple


Mat 13: 52




The future is in our alls hands but at last in God’s hand. The lower triangle is complete. In the upper we have to balance between our own view of might and God’s might. The model can help people to be more equal. Everyone have a place that they have got from God, but people can pay attention to each other. In the centre of the star we can draw a cross to represent Christ. In faith in Christ we can be dynamic and live a satisfactory life, but before will God often try our faith and us and learn what is His will.

The star describes David’s time and a time before, the beginning when Christ was with God and will be in eternal the highest. Before that He comes back and will reign in thousand years. The star can also describe the man and the woman-the are one. The man is the head and the women complete the man’s knowledge. The picture can also be applied to help for the personality of the independent man.