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Products Description Price
Kraft Bleached softwood kraft market pulp
Kraft Bleached hardwood kraft market pulp
Kraft Unbleached softwood kraft market pulp
Kraft Unbleached softwood kraft market pulp
Other pulps After desire


Products Description Price
Newsprint Standard
Newsprint Recycled content newsprint
LWC Paper Light weight coated paper
SC Paper Super Calendared Paperp
Copy Paper Standard
Board After desire


Products Catalogue Description Price
Crude Oil High quality crude oil Bonny Light


Automotive Lubricants Single grade oils
Multigrade oils (mineral based)
Low Friction Multigrade Oils (partly syntethic)
Low Friction Multigrade Oils (fully syntethic)
Two Stroke Motor Oils
Tractor Oils
Gear Oils
Hydraulic oils
Gear Hydraulic Oils TO-4
Lubricating Greases
Industrial Lubricants Slideway Oils CGLP
Gear Oils
Hydraulic oils
Machine oils
Compressor oils
Bar and Chain Oils
Two Stroke Motor Saw Oils
Continues Casting Release Oil
Form oils
Metal working and surfase treatment Coolant-lubricants-water-miscible
Coolant-lubricants-not- water miscible
Corrosion Production Oils
Lubricating Greases Open Gear Grease
Sealing and Releasing Grease
Lubricating Grease
Chassis Grease
Multi Purpose Grease
Bearing Grease
Liquid Gear Grease
Long-Term Grease
Sealing Grease
Liguid Grease
Poly-Urea Grease